Measures That Matter

Digital Biomarkers Built for Your Studies, Inspired by Your Patients


We are all-in research partners

At Koneksa, we are developing, testing, and validating digital biomarkers to help our clients understand the impact of their treatments on the patients who need them. We are a full-service, one-stop shop for remote data collection. We work alongside you from trial design to completion and conduct research across a broad range of therapeutic areas to optimize our solutions for implementation in your trial.

Koneksa is an all-in research partner with in-house experts in numerous disease and technical fields; we speak the language and understand the needs of drug developers and the expectations of regulators and health authorities.

We understand what you’re trying to accomplish, and we know how to help you get there.


Koneksa is the leader in digital biomarker development and implementation

We leverage digital health technology, therapeutic expertise, and rapid patient-friendly remote data collection to gain better insights into patient health.

Our validated, novel data algorithms are ready to deploy in your treatment development programs, so you can identify signals earlier and faster than with traditional measures.

Digital biomarkers and the Digital Medicine Society’s (DiMe) V3 journey


Analytical Validation

Clinical Validation

Faster, better data = earlier, sounder decisions

Multiple endpoints can be fed into our leading-edge, cloud-based SaaS platform in real time, giving you immediate access to data and empowering you to make confident, cost-saving, go/no-go decisions early in your trial. The ability to collect high-volume remote data with increased frequency not only gives you ecologically valid measures, but it also grants you the opportunity to:

Reduce sample size

Control variability

Speed up your timeline

The Koneksa Difference

Our patient-centric approach is how we ensure you get data that is meaningful to you and to patients

Koneksa exists to understand diseases or conditions, characterize their symptoms, and select the right tech per symptom, designed especially for that purpose.

Our clients exist in a world where the bar for technology solutions in remote clinical trials is very high, and trying to develop in-house tools that meet that standard is a diversion from your primary objective.


Through partnerships with technology companies that are leading the field in their respective areas, Koneksa provides access to the highest-grade digital measurement devices in the industry, and we are proficient at their implementation. In short, we have the engineering and technology expertise to take this problem off your hands and solve it — at scale.

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We are not just a remote data collection company; what we do goes WAY beyond that

Koneksa delivers highly flexible solutions, in-clinic data quality, and end-to-end services. We have a growing list of multilingual capabilities and international expertise developed through the support of global trials. Koneksa offers sponsors a true partnership with 24/7 worldwide support.

Delivering measures that matter is what we do best. That frees you to focus on getting therapies to patients who need them.