The tree is out at the curb, the menorah is packed away, the new calendars are hanging on the wall: It’s time to take a breath in the new year, and look back at all we accomplished in the previous one! We’re entering the new decade excited about our future, and are happy to look back on another great year of growth and progress.

In 2019, our organization:

Our work was presented at the top scientific conferences and in peer-reviewed journals:

Our technology grew, including…

  • A new CNS platform and application for clinical trials

  • A revamped respiratory offering with our next-generation mobile app and spirometry indication

  • The Koneksa Mobile Application was translated and deployed in 13 languages

  • Nearly triple the amount of data collected versus the previous year

As we enter 2020, our Koneksa Compare platform has recorded nearly three million summary measurements of thousands of patients at hundreds of clinical sites since Dec 2016. We’ve worked across the hierarchy of endpoints, from exploratory to primary. And we’re even more excited about the year to come. Stay tuned!