Koneksa is the leader in developing and implementing patient-focused digital biomarkers for drug development. Koneksa’s value is in our ability to innovate with our clients and find the best fit to meet their clinical-trial needs.

Koneksa’s multidisciplinary capabilities, proprietary SaaS platform, and high scientific rigor offer our clients two ways to work with Koneksa.

The first is the ability to innovate and build novel biomarkers with a pathway to commercialization.

The second is the ability to leverage repeatable solutions and biomarkers that have been proven in peer-reviewed publications and regulatory interactions.

Koneksa has innovated in 16 therapeutic areas including immunology, oncology, and CNS, and has provided repeatable solutions to clients in respiratory, immunology, rare diseases, and CNS.

To date, we have deployed more than 35 studies, comprising more than 3,000 patients at more than 370 sites, which have collected more than 2.35 million measurements.